Cease Funding for Cease Fire Chicago: Violence Prevention?


What will the leader of Cease Fire Chicago say now when asked about the crimes he has committed against his wife? “I’m only human?” or will it be one of those horrendous “insanity pleas” that have ruined so many cases of murder or terrorism in this nation?

It is not right that ANYONE should be abused by anyone else, no matter the situation. People need to learn to control these “raw” emotions and get anger and anything that causes it under control and fast, too.

But in this case the director of Cease Fire Chicago is the one who has caused harm and violence on another person, his wife. She showed up beaten and battered about the upper body, and the attorney says the inflictions were “very substantial”. What a pity.

What kind of example does this set for those persons the organization was set up to help, such as former gang members? What does that tell them, that violence is still all right in certain situations, even while they are working to prevent and reduce violence and the causes of it in Chicago?

And what has been happening to the millions of dollars theĀ  city of Chicago has given to Cease Fire? What have the directors been doing with that money? Who has been helped with that money? Whose pockets has it been lining?

Violence is still being talked of every week; people are being killed and wounded. Chicago makes the national news headlines because of the crime rate! Every week on News Radio 780 WBBM there is the roll of those shot and wounded, many of themĀ teenagers. Families are still being torn apart; communities are still finding drugs and gangs on the streets, people are afraid to walk to school or to work or to wait at bus stops. Gangs are still getting too much press.

What has Cease Fire been doing, then?

Congressman Bobby Rush and Senator Mark Kirk had their run -in of differences about the gang problem this past week, talking about allocation of funds and bringing in the awful but proverbial race and ethnicity issues. Most people would probably agree that creating jobs is very important and that education tops the list of hot -button concerns in America. Money needs to be put towards crime prevention but putting funds towards improving the education system, beginning with the goals and the purpose of it, is what needs to be accomplished first. Many people in Chicago say outright that the Chicago school systems “sucks” and needs reform badly.

Parents who went to a “north side” school to enroll their kids in that school did so to make a point and bring out the disparity in schools in different parts of the city of Chicago. All schools should have the highest standards, the same as the top -rated public school in the nation.

Perhaps the Vulcans have the right idea – not giving in to emotions and basically rooting that out of one’s behavior pattern so that focus can be put on what matters, not how someone feels about something. In my view being “emotional” does no good.

Meanwhile the violence continues, the kids get shot, and the families mourn. Instead of planning proms and graduations, they are planning funerals.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2013.


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Chicago Children in Danger: What Must We Do?

How disturbing… how absolutely disturbing, all that has been in the news lately about young people in the Chicago area getting shot, killed, and otherwise traumatized in areas plagued by gangs, guns, and drugs and other forms of violence that come with those nasty little words that trouble us so.

Federally-supported gun violence intervention ...

Federally-supported gun violence intervention program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Innocent children, special and unique, our nation’s future, possible finders of cures, possible leaders, business executives, family folks, lawmakers, teachers, first responders, are being killed and maimed by gang – bangers shooting at others and not caring that the kids are getting in the crossfire. How sad that those who are doing the violence do not care about anything but getting at their targets. They see no better way but to bring out the guns, act like cowards, drive by or bike by or run by, shoot into the crowds, shoot at people on their porches, and then bolt into the woodwork and avoid capture and arrest.

Do these ruthless, crude, inhuman cowards care that there are families living in those areas, families trying to make it in tough times as most of us are, and that they with their turf war one track minds are just making things harder every day, more difficult every single day? They just want to do their thing fast and take off. You gang people, you drug runners, you turf greedy disgusting cowards… go somewhere else, leave here, leave everyone alone, go away with your junk. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE. WE DO NOT NEED YOU HERE. Go and rot somewhere else; just don’t take others with you. GO AWAY and LEAVE OTHERS ALONE!

Well these past few week they have sure taken off all right… taken a lot of little lives and young people’s lives away from their families and their futures. Instead of preparing for parties, graduations, meals together, sleepovers, holiday celebrations and travels together, many families are preparing to bury their children. And some of these young people might even have been parents… and now their parents and young kids are going to have to say good bye to them.

I lost my brother, but it was not to violence. Losing a relative to gun violence or any kind of violence… I cannot imagine what these folks are experiencing. Words are hard to find to express such sentiments. Situations like these affect us all, the city, the county, the state, the nation. They dig deep, they root in… they are sending us a message. What can we do to prevent the taking of another youth, another innocent child, and to prevent grief from taking over our communities.

Whatever we can think of, whatever it is, no matter how small or how ridiculous it may seem to those who think of the ideas, we need to try them now. It cannot wait… we must try to prevent the trauma from continuing. Young lives are counting on us to stand for them, by them, with them.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Divi Logan for EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, 2012.