Police Chases: Leave that to Television, Please


Just this morning in Chicago came word over the radio of a high -speed chase in the south side of the city, involving a shooting and a chase up an alley and then a bad crash into a garage that heavily damaged that structure. A young man was wounded in the incident but as I have heard over the radio he is improving.

Still, what made that chase happen in the first place? It should be noted that chases are very dangerous, because no one knows what can happen or who can be encountered during such a situation. People are all ready angry, they are on high tension, they are on overdriven senses, they might be on drugs or drunk, and they are scared. The first responders might be just as afraid as the suspects, so everyone is already very tense and super -alert and sensing trouble.

In the case of the morning’s incident, who knows who could have been in that garage or in that alley? Some innocent person could have been taking their trash out, or been in that garage preparing to go to work or take their children somewhere, or to travel. That the people involved were willing to ride up that alley and endanger others shows the lack of respect that seems to be a growing problem in this nation. Suppose some mother or father or big brother or big sister had been around there and been shot or run down or struck by one of those vehicles?

What explanation would be given to them, some lame thing  such as a drivel apology or saying they were in the way? It’s THEIR alley and THEIR home for goodness sakes! Get the incidents out of the way in the first place! Don’t give the suspects the satisfaction of chasing them – that is probably what they want police to do.

It’s like terrorists – they want people to run scared and be afraid and hunker down and close shops and schools and shut down transit systems. But though we do those things we can return to normal and prove that the terrorists did not win their war after all.

There must be a better way to contain these idiots who incite the shootings and the chase mentality. Corner them, put a helicopter above them, blind them with light, something, anything to prevent them getting into an alley or on a street where they could take off and put others in harm’s way.

Leave this chase junk to the TV and the movies. In real life there are real people in real cars on streets and who are walking and breathing and living and who have families and who are just trying to get to their jobs or to shop. We do not need this fear of getting around this chase stuff and being harmed in some life -threatening fashion.

Find a safer way to get these suspects off the streets so our streets can be safer.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2013.


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