Congress:: They Can Agree on One Thing: Being Stubborn and Wasteful


Did you hear lately about the City of Gary cutting fifteen paramedics, and yet finding $90,000 for funding payment for an official? Well then they turn around and plan to train extra firefighters to be paramedics. That concept was on television forty years ago when the series EMERGENCY! aired. It is worth watching those episodes again, and you can, on MeTV during the week.

And now, thanks to the stalemate of the fiscal cliff, will we lose hundreds of air traffic controllers? What will smaller regional airports do for safety control then? What if a pilot is in danger or an aircraft is in danger in some remote area and there is no one at the tower to help? Safety of passengers and residents will be severely compromised. Many major airporst’ ATC staffs are all ready understaffed and underfunded; what if thousands of traffic controllers are put out?

What if we continue to lose first responders to the greed and pension problems and other misguided actions of officials?

What happens when education programs are slashed, for school lunches and after school activities? What happens when the price of milk doubles? Imagine paying more for milk than for gasoline! What will those who need to feed their young kids do then- get milk at $7 a gallon or tell them they have to go without? Where will the kids get the necessary nutrients milk can provide?

When taxes go up, what then? We aren’t taxed enough? Our patience with Congress certainly is being taxed all right, and for many citizens it has been taxed to the limit. Wasteful spending, lavish lifestyles, the insider information schemes and scandals, the affairs inside the CIA and the FBI, the fiascos across the seas, the wars, the Fed, the expensive meetings, the defense budget… Congress wastes enough of our money. We are putting our hard -earned money into the hands of a few people who don’t know how to handle a budget as others are expected to do every day for home and business finances.

Congress… give me a break. Cut your own salaries and perks, your lavish living and your privileges first. Cut the State Department, the embassies, the lavish spending on those elaborate lifestyles, the limousines, the private guards, the flashy clothes. You make cuts as you expect the rest of your constituents to do.

Do we want more cities to become as dangerous as Camden, New Jersey? Chicago certainly is, with five hundred homicides this year, and the number is going up every day. 500 dead from guns and drug and gang violence. Repeat that- 500! That is more than a murder a day, a figure New Orleans had years ago, but Chicago is now surpassing what was thought to be the most violent American city at one time. Families are suffering, people are hurting, kids are scared to go outside and play in their own front yards because their communities have suddenly become part of “gang turf” and they could get caught in a crossfire, be mistaken for someone else, or be a target for gang initiations. How sad.

The police want to be present at “gang funerals” now? Well folks, if you don’t know how to behave at a funeral, you darned well need to learn and quickly. A funeral is a funeral no matter whose it is; a “gang funeral” is still a funeral, a sending off, a dearly departing, an end, a closure for someone, for some family or sibling or relative or classmate.

As for Congress, they are putting the nails into this nation’s heart every day they continue their wasteful ways and arrogant thinking.

America the Beautiful, God shed His grace on Thee… and Lord, would you mind so much putting an ASAP on that prayer? Congress could use a visit from You right now, to bind them and open their eyes to the ruin they could cause this nation.

Divi Logan, Nashville and Chicago, 2012…. and let’s hope for a brighter and better 2013.


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