Chicago Hit-and-Run Driver Takes a Precious Life

It has appeared on the news that the person of interest has now been charged with this horrendous crime.

First of all, condolences to the family and friends of Officer Bostic-Jones. She sure sounds like a wonderful woman, mother, wife, and friend, and a dedicated professional loved and respected by everyone with whom she worked in Corrections. I would love to have more people around like the type of woman she was. The way her colleagues spoke of her- helping them out with money, always with a smile or kind word… we are so fortunate to have such people around.

Who now will fill the place left with her passing? Who now will step up and accept with grace and dignity the space that a big heart and a kind person needs now to fill?

Senseless and cruel are only two words that describe the person who ran down this loving woman and just kept on going. How ugly and unkind and ungracious, and arrogant!

Hey, rude driver, hey you vice-filled, demonic bacterium (uh oh, I insulted the bacteria with that one) – What would YOU say to the child left behind? What do you say to that mourning husband, the saddened relatives, the shocked colleagues? What will you say to the little girl who has to come to terms with mommy not coming home? Can you look at her and at the mourning father? Even then, what can you say?

Hit and run… how truly tragic that people have degenerated to such a state of mental ruin that such a thing can even be considered in the realm of the human being. We are supposed to be wise people, homo sapiens, yet deeds like these appear in the news all too often around here. You know you hit someone- stop, get out and attend to what you have done!


TURN YOURSELF IN*- the suspect is now in custody, charged and has a gigantic bail amount. So the rest of you, just don’t do such actions! Thinking of it- thinking of driving without a thought for the others around you? ADMIT YOUR FAULTS! Get off the streets and suffer the consequences. I hope the law throws the full book at you, you creeps who have done such things and have not been caught or properly charged.

All drivers – ALL DRIVERS TAKE NOTE – Pay more attention to what you are doing when you are on the road and the vehicle is in motion. Pay attention at crosswalks, at traffic signals, around work zones, in poorly lit areas where people work and play. Review your rules of the road. Learn safe driving. Respect people in the crosswalks; obey all signs and signals. Pull over for emergency vehicles and slow down around funeral processions – it is respectful.

And a note for the streets and lighting departments: put proper lights and signals in that area of California and around the corrections facility. Do what you can to prevent such an unfortunate event from happening again.

Divi Logan, Nashville and Chicago, 2012.


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