Chicago Cab and Livery Drivers Need a Lesson in Courtesy?

There are surely many CTA commuters who wonder what attracts the cab drivers in the downtown/Loop area of Chicago to stop at the bus stop near “The Citadel” Building across from the post office in the Federal Building district.

English: Detailed downtown Chicago bus stop sign

English: Detailed downtown Chicago bus stop sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder too, given that many are apparently just sitting there with their no- fare lights on, waiting for fares, but when they park in front of the bus stop, WHERE THE BUSSES ARE SUPPOSED TO PULL IN, that is not just sitting idly by. That is extreme discourtesy, and I am going to make a recommendation to the CTA regarding this ongoing situation.

There should not be a cab stop allowed there at all, no cab waiting, nothing. Let the fare- seekers go to the corner up from that stop or south of it, but please DO NOT BLOCK THAT STOP. What is it about the busses that some of you do not understand? The busses need to get to the curb to collect elderly passengers sometimes, and for wheelchair patrons they need to get there so the ramp can come down, and also for families with strollers or young children. So when a cab stops in front of the busses and does not give enough room for the bus to pull in and service those riders, and I will emphasize- RIDERS- that is most discourteous.

The cab might pick up, what, one person, four people? The busses collect dozens of passengers on each route and have time schedules to meet. The cab driver might not have a strict time schedule to meet- they wait for the fares. Certainly the people who travel the #24, #36, #22, and #62 routes at that stop (read: four separate bus routes versus one cab blocking the shelter) need to be allowed courtesy from cab and limo/livery drivers as well, the latter of whom I have also seen taking up room too close to that bus stop to allow free and easy passage for the busses, especially the accordion-style extender busses.

Remember also, all drivers, that turning right in front of a bus is illegal and dangerous! Perhaps it is time many drivers in this city take driving lessons again and learn the basic rules of the road, observe how much room the busses need and watch for those at the bus shelters so that the way is not blocked for the elderly and others who need curbside access for the ramp.


English: Chicago Transit Authority 3D Bus Stop...

English: Chicago Transit Authority 3D Bus Stop on Michigan Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Divi Logan for ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2012.


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