Chicago Public Schools: Board, You Can do Better.

Prompting to do something can arise due to various causes. One might not feel well and decide to get help. Someone might lose a home in a tornado and need assistance to rebuild. The states are in deficit mode and need to find ways to get back into the black. Citizens tired of gangs and drugs can stand up and take back their communities. And those tired of racial issues can take back their dignity and integrity by looking at people without using such terms. Especially in the light of the latest CPS issue being regarded as “educational apartheid”, we need to step back and take a big time breath.

First, get it straight about “race” and skin color. Are you not intelligent enough to know what causes variations in skin color? Well, you can learn about it now and see how to get away from skin color and gender as being so important. Skin color is such an old issue- the ancient Egyptians had slaves of light and dark skin from different places they conquered. Colorations vary with pigmentation, and certain diseases can cause disorders of pigment in the skin. The areas of the world where someone is from also determine how light or dark the skin is- melanin takes care of that variation. People from sunny and hot regions will be darker (as in a natural suntan) and people in areas who do not receive as much exposure would then have lighter skin, therefore less of the pigment that causes darkness. People with variations of brown or light have their color because of marriage and family (and maybe tanning).

My folks are variations of light and dark, and that never bothered me in the slightest. I was fortunate to live in an area of tolerance and safety, and was educated at schools with a “diverse” population. This overbearing issue of diversity never mattered to me- it is what I am accustomed to and what everyone lives with. As everyone is different, everyone is thus diverse. We don’t need to make light of how someone dresses, where they worship or what they eat or the colors they wear, their car or job or home or the lifestyle they choose. People are diverse- it is not an issue to make a federal case from or use to get a few federal dollars for a business or education system.

Also, be reasonable- there is nothing to do with skin color and intelligence or your ability to learn and get the best from life. Some silly people in power put that idea into your head in order to divide and be separatist and exclusive and then lead you into thiking that they are then trying to do something good for you by saying they are pulling down the barriers- the same barriers they created!- and are going to give you help and money and services. Indeed. See right through them and laugh in their faces because you can say you now understand their crooked nature and their demographic tendencies. I have the feeling they are the same people who think that certain issues or questions asked on the Census are a good idea. Not so. Well, let’s look away from that, but think on it as you read.

What is an Education? Let’s go back to the basics and uproot the vague, argumentative, big corporate and media talk and look at the issue in a civil and mature manner. Get away from this chit-chat prattle about the exclusivity and troubles of “neighborhoods”- it does no one any good at all and is nothing but a separating term used by mass media and demographers eager to take your attention away from the real issues that are important for us to focus on. Lose the divisions and the separations and let’s get somewhere!

Second, let us look at what the roots of the word and the concept of education are. This should help get the issue back on track and put the goals in order. According to the unabridged dictionary, the roots of the word “educate” stem from the Latin meaning “to rear, bring up, educate”, from the root e- + the suffix -ducare, meaning “to lead”, with, interestingly, more at the term “tow”. Educate is defined as, “to bring up (as a child): REAR, or  to develop (as a person) by fostering to varying degrees the growth or expansion of knowledge, wisdom, desirable qualities of mind or character, physical health, or general competence, especially by a course of formal study or instruction: provide or assist with providing knowledge or wisdom, moral balance, or good physical condition. It can also mean, “to train by formal instruction and supervised practice, especially in a trade, skill, or profession.”

Second, here is something to come, a closer look at the people involved and the problems clogging the media waves in the next article.

Definitions taken from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged, edited by Philip Babcock Gove. Merriam-Webster, Inc., 2002.

Divi Logan and EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, 2004 – 2012.


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