METRA Links to the West: Positives for the Economy


METRA Expands the West Suburban Rail Links from Aurora

Jobs no doubt will come to the cities and towns and good people west of Chicago now that the nearly $2 million has been allocated for pre-engineering studies for expanding out of the present Aurora terminus of the BNSF commuter line into the cities of Montgomery and of Oswego, Illinois.

Imagine the boost to the local economy that will come just from having the engineers do the infrastructure studies and pre-engineering alone! Having seen Aurora I know too many a sight of shuttered stores, abandoned homes, dilapidated and vacant structures and lots, and streets void of life and people of morale. Certainly that fine city, called in history the City of Lights, will enjoy a share of the government funds.

Naturally those engineers will need food, clothing, lodging, and places to hold their meetings. They might need cameras, tripods, surveying gear, notebooks and writing instruments. And knowing the people of Aurora as I do, the visitors would be certain to receive the finest in hospitality and everything else from quality food to customer service.

Others await the arrival of those visitors. There are fine mechanics to service automobiles and provide cleaning, gas, and a welcome smile. And just in case – and surely there will be talk of them- safety procedures and precautions arise, there are also some of the finest firefighters in the world in Aurora, and a large station is located conveniently to the tracks.

Speaking of getting on track, here is my idea for a logo and slogan for the expanding rail system. This version presents a simple design of a gold oval, symbolic of a train or car beam, the letters AMO for the three cities which will link on the new line, a lightning or electric bolt for starting up and powering progress, and two lines symbolic of a track into the distance. The slogan is “Positive A-track-tion for Businesses”, and it seems the concept cannot get any easier than that. Of course customizing possibilities range as far as the business owner‘s imagination can go!

Think also of other visitors our area will soon attract. COming this spring will be dozens of delegates from NATO and the G-8 summits. The project might not be completed by the time they arrive, but it would be a great thing to give them a visit to the west of Chicago to see how progress is going?

After all, something should be positive about their visit, and seeing progress and revival and giving the people of those areas a chance to really shine for the world. I can see it now- the flowers in the fine parks in Aurora, Lombard, and surrounding areas will be in fantastic bloom, people will be out and about, and surely the shopkeepers would roll out the welcome mat for our distinguished visitors. Ah, wouldn’t it be lovely?

By the way, if any of you soon-to-be visiting surveyors, engineers, and government officials are reading this, take it from me and give these fine local businesses a try – for good, casual, hefty food, visit the Colonial Cafe or Pat’s Pub. Delicious!

Look for our small business link through YAHOO and our newsletter, TORQUE.

Divi Logan and EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, 2004 -2012.


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