NATO G8 Chicago: Welcome to the Delegates and Their Retinues

Chicago is Privileged to Welcome Delegates of the World and Their Retinues

It is an honor to welcome these fortunate people to our fair city; fortunate because they have the opportunity to come here. We citizens of Chicago are also beneficiaries of these meetings and can really show off.

We can turn this town… rather, the third largest city in America… upside down and shine every light on the truly world-class atmosphere offered. Forget the negative press going on, forget the security and police talk. Forget about “what could happen” or what you are “in fear” of. What good does that kind of chatter do? No good at all.

Instead, put all that clutter aside and turn out the Olympic-class party atmosphere . The old song lyric, “accentuate the positive” means the world here, literally. So much is available to show the plus side of this city that there is no need for any further discussion of that police-oriented detail.

The whole thing got off to a bad start by so much focus on “occupy”, on other summits and the events that happened due to other NATO and G-series meetings. It is awful to think that such things could happen in Chicago. But they do not have to happen here, and we can be sure that they do not.

We must do our best to abide by the law, and take the First Amendment seriously. Who is there to say that Chicago will become a violent place? That is like judging someone before you even see or meet them, just because such an event has happened elsewhere. Very unfair, very “government” of those who do so, and very unpleasant, at that.

Let us come together, not become divded by such silly things as race (well, ther is only one, the human race anyway, so banish the thought), color, where you live, what you do, or the way you dress. Come together and show the world what Chicago is about, what the UNITED States are about. So gather your resources, put on your best.

Clean your streets, prepare your shops and dress your windows. Put out that special merchandise on nicely dusted, level shelves with clean glass or metal sections. Clean your places as though you were going to be inspected by a team of fire inspectors or Marine Corps drill instructors. Train your staff to meet and greet a variety of worldly visitors who might very well take an interest in what you offer. Restaurants, prepare menus in languages, managers show your staff the basics of diplomacy, and officials bone up on your best behavior.

What better inspiration can you think of, also, to get our infrastructure in really good shape? After all, some of the most important and powerful people in the world will travel our roads, cross our bridges, take our trains and taxis and limousines and maybe even some bicycle tours as they enjoy the warm spring days. They will use our airports, take river tours, use our interstates and take rides on the dinner cruises on the lake. I would suggest that we in Illinois get our structures in shape quickly- wouldn’t want a 1,600 pound block of granite falling off a METRA track support or overpass support onto one of their cars, after all.

Talk about an international incident! I think it is high time we focused inwards so that in a few months we can welcome the world and be proud of what we do, have done and will do. Again, hearty welcome to your excellencies, and may you have a pleasant stay in our fair city.

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004 – 2012.


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