Bald Eagle Eyes: A Twist to the Old Shooting Range


MAGNIFICENT! is what came to my mind when I just watched the news story on CBS Channel 2 in Chicago about the Bald Eagles nesting on the site of the proposed Chicago Police outdoor shooting range.

Again, nature foils the silly plans of officials who have to see it to believe it, and shown up front that their plans will not always work. Thanks to the work of nature taking its course, their precious shooting range will have to be put elsewhere.  And why is that?

First of all, it will teach those water management high-ups to pay more attention to what people in those districts are saying, especially when it comes to issues about wildlife, which we consider so very important in this area. The Chicago Audubon Society, nicely featured in that news article, came out with their cameras to take the right kind of shots of the Eagles, and not the kind that would disrupt their grounds.

Second, those birds are protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the officials here cannot lay a hand on the Eagles’ habitat. As they are, by the very government that was trying to put the shooting range up, protected from any sort of disruption of their breeding grounds, feeding grounds, nesting grounds or migration routes, they are not to be disturbed. It is as if nature put up a huge DO NOT DISTURB- GO AWAY! sign on those precious acres.

I hope our officials will be conscious of what they are doing, their decisions made on such important issues, and will actually visit such sites to see their beauty and necessity before giving a go-ahead for such a thing as an outdoor shooting range. Those birds would be distressed and would leave the habitat with such noise and nuisance going on, and they probably would not return.

Wildlife habitat is in danger in this country as it is, from spraying, from habitat destruction to make room for those hideous urban developments with their throw-up houses and clustered shopping malls, and from pollution brought in by those new cars, construction gear, and discarded building materials. We have not been kind to our plants, birds, animals, and fish in the past decades, and need to be very careful when we are thinking of further outdoor work.

I am glad nature won this round. No doubt the police can find somewhere else to put their shooting range, somewhere that will not disturb 30-plus acres of natural beauty, that will be safe and will not endanger humans or wildlife.

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004- 2012.


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