Apartment Complex Loses Heat: Chicago Tenants in a Bind

On the news today, on station WBBM NewsRadio 780, was a most disturbing article regarding an apartment complex on Pine Grove in Chicago, regarding the building losing heat and hot water. Now they must scramble to find other places to live because of a broken heating system.

I am grateful to have heat and hot water, and I feel for anyone who does not have those resources in the middle of winter.

How sad that the managers and maintenance personnel did not take the time to check that chimney for blockages. Now they have cost their tenants time and resources to rush finding places to live for between two and three weeks.

The suggestions made by the managers were very dangerous, especially the one about using ovens for heating. That is well known to cause levels of CO to rise and it would be awful if someone took up that idea to heat their unit.  Besides, ovens left on could cause a fire; it would be very sad if someone used their oven for heat and lost everything because of a silly suggestion. Space heaters must be used with extreme care and caution. Those tenants need to contact the fire department for proper ways to deal with this situation. DO NOT USE YOUR OVENS TO HEAT YOUR APARTMENT!

As for boiling water, do so with care and also handle with great caution when transferring the water to a tub or using it for cooking. Remember that though the bubbling has stopped, the water may well be over 200 degrees F, and will stay very hot for a long time. Handle with care around the elderly and around children or the sick or the infirm, and do not let children in the kitchen when the oven is on or the water is boiling.

That is pitiful and most unfortunate for those people. Those managers need to do everything in their power to make it right, to keep their customers and to not get a bad rep for lacking proper maintenance in their building. They should give at least one month’s free rent, and maybe more, to those tenants, they need to repair any damage that might be caused when the heating system is repaired. And a gathering, a nice party for those residents, when they return and everything is secured, would certainly be a nice touch.

Just a friendly reminder and a view to doing good business, for the good people of Chicago.

Divi Logan and EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, 2004 – 2012. Please correspond with the author for use permission at d308gtb289@aol.com. Courtesy counts. Thanks for cooperating.


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