Marketing Art: What Inspires You to Buy?


What do you want from purchasing a tube of toothpaste? No matter what kind you buy, the flavors or whether or not it has baking soda, what you want is clean teeth (and fresher breath).

The same principle applies when you purchase anything- a new television for better picture quality or other features, for instance. You might get one kind of prepared frozen diner over another because of how the package looks. Besides, what you want could be a quick lunch or a change of culinary pace. You might have only a short time to eat, or you might want a bargain if the item is on sale. Whatever the factors that drive you to buy, you want a result and you desire satisfaction from what you buy.

You purchase a book sometimes just from how the cover looks, the descriptions and reviews pushing you to lay out your money right then and there. You get a new coat for warmth, appearance, or because your other one is just plain flat worn out.

It is basically artwork that drives the commercial process- any kind of item, packaging, cover, color combination, shape or size of the product that gets the attention of the potential purchaser. It is the message the product sends you, of the company, the ingredients or the materials, and what the item can do for  you or how it can change your life- that is what promotes the purchase.

At EDUSHIRTS we offer what I call “marketable artwork”, clever ideas and concepts, principles and words of wisdom or inspiration, motivation, and teamwork that will help promote a company or a new product line in any stage of development or expansion. Our ideas are placed on practical and standard products designed to quickly and easily make your ideas visible to your intended audience.

What could an item showing your special and motivational Marketing StrataGems do for your company?

Visit to learn about our artistic, creative, and symbolic designs and shop our product offerings.

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004 – 2012. PURCHASE: The Shopper‘s Toolbox, is our book still in revision. Look for short sections of it on our business blog for Pound Feet.


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