Blagojevich Trial: Tired of the Negatives? Try the Positives!


Remember the old song lyrics? Tired of hearing the same old song played on the mass media every day these days? Here are fresh and inspiring ways to think not of the usual business of the political world and its effects on America’s morale, team spirit, and faith in government, but of thinking in terms of what is right and what can be better, made right, and inspire what we at EDUSHIRTS call the “Mission Control Philosophy”.

In NASA parlance, Mission Control is the part of the organization that works with the important aspects of mission safety, personnel training, and coordination of all those facets into launching the mission and bringing the crew safely back to Earth. In workplace situations and in everyday living, the principles of Mission Control can be practiced and taught with ease. In fact living by those principles is a lot easier than the opposite! The Mission Control facets are: ** Calm under pressure, courtesy in speaking (moderate voice and at no time raising it in a shout or an angry manner), knowing your material in order to share it confidently with colleagues and with your crew/customers; coming ready to work or interact with your team in a professional manner, which means dressing appropriately and neatly, and being on your best behavior at all times. **

Now how do these principles relate to what is happening in American politics, with the goings-on in Illinois being a sad example? What has the media spin done to American morale and trust, enthusiasm and the spirit of teamwork, encouragement, uplift and service? We have been given so much negative and depressing talk and chatter from the visual talking heads that we have not been able to turn them off, settle down, and listen to our inner voices of reason and progress.

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004 -2011. Please use courtesy when commenting or sending feedback. Thanks for cooperating.


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