Chicago City Council: Race Base Makes Waste


Of all the news in the headlines recently, the discussion over Chicago’s City Council – persons redrawing the districts has been most disturbing. Sure we have heard of politicians trading barbs, debating, running around to rallies, and other tidbits of the American social scene for 2012; yes we have heard of politicans recoviering from physical wounds and media wounds, and we know well of the inability of Congress to come to terms concerning what is good for America’s workforce.

In the face of the very name “United States“, which is the essence of our national name and title and foundation, we throw that nasty little word, “demographics”, and along with it in the same mixer, the Census. What we become when we consider this and that factor is The Divided States of America. When we draw our social lines and other factorsalong insignificant aspects such as “race” (skin color, ethnicity, physical appearance), income, what part of town someone lives in, and other visible our outward signs of something we can use to separate and differentiate others and set one person against another, we do so much injury to the fabric of this nation.

What do these aldermen think – that districts can somehow be drawn so sinuously to include one race or another in its boundaries is ridiculous, ludicrous, and so terrible as to be laughable. Really, folks be sensible! All you are doing is wasting taxpayer dollars, time, resources and energy trying to make yourselves look somewhat decent in the eyes of one group or another. What you are really doing to your image and to everyone’s patience is ruining one and testing the other.

You waste plenty of energy, all right, when you’re in City Hall with the chamber lights on, the water going, the air conditioning or heating running, and the need for people to clean up after you are done with the sessions. If you wonder how come negative press seems to attach to you as easily as metal does to magnets, just look at the coverage of late. How demeaning, demoralizing, and downright degenerating can you possibly get? We would be better off with you not coming to work than opening City Hall and wasting the resources needed to make it run.

Seems to me the Mayor is on the right track, as many have been, when talking of cutting the size of the Council significantly, at least by half. If that happens, we need to cut the funding we give to you as well- no war chests, no extra perks unless you prove you have earned them. You have jobs to do and need to do them, just as anyone with a job must do. If I performed as shoddily as you have done I would be fired, and so would anyone else who did not do their work as assigned. You expect to be paid, honored, and given respect? Prove you should have those things and maybe the people of Chicago will not mind giving them to you.

As it is now, if the next time your approval rating comes up in the single digits, do not be surprised. Do your work, forget the racial and ethnic junk, do what is right for your constituents – correction, for the people who elected you and put their trust in you – and for the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois as a whole.

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, the original T-shirt Curriculum, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004 – 2012. Please obtain use permission by contacting me at, and remember that courtesy counts! Thank you.


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