Gangs Go Away!

Are gangs becoming the beginning of the end of your neighborhood? You can take back your community and your life by putting your foot down!

Stop gang violence!

Gangs are not welcome in our community.

It is safe to say: gangs are bad for your health. Just look at what makes the news about gang warfare when things really go wrong, as they have been in Chicago for way too long.

The latest problems involve innocent children dying of stray bullets, and there is no way a five-year-old could be involved in some drug-toting, greedy gang. Poor kids… you have to feel sorry for those who are not involved and who have to hear gunfire every night on the corners around their homes.

Gangs do no good for anybody, not their members certainly. It is disgusting in the news when the reporter says something like, “The neighborhood has become gang turf” or “The child was caught in the crossfire between rival gangs over prime drug-dealing territory”. Saying such things is just the wrong way to go about reporting it. The gangs are the problem, and they need to be run out of the area ASAP. If there is “turf”, it was the property of a resident or owner of a business first, and NOT a gang. If there is a neglected building, it was the property of someone before it became a drug house or a gang hideout.

There is no need for gangs, with their silly signs and gestures, ugly graffity tags and the destruction they cause every time they engage in spray painting or vandalism.

When their actions go so far as taking a life, spraying bullets around and not knowing who they will hurt or even caring, that is when things have gone way too far, and they should be run out of town, reported, have the book thrown at them, turned in and prosecuted… and persecuted, too. The parks and the lots are not for private use of gang -bangers; they are not gang property, and they are not for drug dealing.

Drugs belong in hospitals, pharmacies, natural gardens (for homeopathic and beneficial healing use, of course), and home medicine cabinets. The hard drugs and the illegal drugs do not belong anywhere in this country’s borders. They are a hazard waiting to happen, and bring with their dealers nothing but trouble and threats. There is no place in any of our states or territories for these substances, these hallucinogens, mood changers, sleep destroyers, and life destroyers.

Also, our neighborhoods do not need the presence of gangs simply because it would be respectful not to have them around. Our senior citizens do not need the presence of delinquents of any age shooting off their mouths or guns in their yards or streets, or shooting onto front porches or into living rooms where they are enjoying time with young grandchildren or their own adult children. And the good students, the kids who are really serious about staying in school and making it in life, really making something good out of their lives and doing beneficial things for their community and nation, do not need some bad kid threatening them or bullying them.

If I were a martial arts instructor I would be delighted to give free lessons to the kids who do not wantt rouble and who want to fend off the bullies and do something good to protect others from the troublemakers. I would like to see those who are skilled in etiquette and community services get out there and teach kids how to do things like clean up their neighborhoods, with the rake and the broom, with old-fashioned elbow grease, with pride and with honor, and with the knowledge that they can see the result and be happy with the good works they have done.

All right you politicians and membres of our “government”, stop bickering and fighting among yourselves. Can not you see that while you are in the cushy chambers in Washington, your constituents are dying, being harassed, being shot at and being threatened. Gangs are a homeland security threat, there is no doubt about that. They are homegrown terrorists, no question about it. Only terrorists and cowards tote assault weapons, wear masks and dark clothes and try to intimidate the innocent and the law-abiding with symbols, slogans, rude gestures, and other means of trying to take over and get control and put fear into the weak and disadvantaged.

Officials, we elected you to take care of the problems, not to increase or worsen them! We need repairs to the roads and sidewalks in those troubled communities; we need people to get out there with their cleaning tools and wipe all signs of trash, drugs, and gangs out of their lots, their areas, their yards, and their homes.

Sweep it clean, get rid of the ugliness of the vacant lots, get the word out that peace is what you want, that gangs will not be tolerated, that you want good things for your community, state, and nation. Now is the time for action, not next week or next year, but right now.

Is there a rake in your basement or garage? Do you own a power-washer and have had it with the gang tags across the street? Are you worried that there is a gang member living across the street… do you know one? Turn them in! You can send your own message, and in so many ways you can say we don’t want you here, we don’t need you here, we do not like you, we hate you, we want you gone so we can live safe and healthy lives. We say to you here and now –

Get lost, gangs!

Divi Logan and ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2004 – 2011. Please use e-mail address for communications with the author. Courtesy counts. Thank you.


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